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BREAKFAST: 1 pink lady apple [was meant to have a mango, too, but it was unripe] [300kj], rye cruskit with peanut butter [500kj]
SNACK 1: edamame [400kj]
LUNCH: berrie smoothie [1000kj] and a couple of falafels [300kj]
SNACK 2: falafels with hommus [500kj]
DINNER: paprika bean dish [1000kj]
SNACK3: dried fruit and nuts, dried cereal [700kj?]
DRINKS: x2 english breakfast teas [100kj], x1 green tea [0kj], water
TOTAL: 5800kj [Wth, why is it so low?! It felt like I ate a shitload!]

EXERCISE: x2 15 minute brisk walks in the city [300+ cal/ 1500kj], 20 min jog + stretches [300 cal?/ 1500kj]
TOTAL BURNED: apx 3000kj

I really thought I ate alot of food today, so it’s shocking to see my calorie intake’s so low. The fuck…

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